Abstract: The Art of Design, Netflix series

Abstract: The Art of Design

Its been an absolute delight to watch the recent new series Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix. Originally launched in February 2017 I've recently found myself going back to some of the episodes to review them once more.

Comprising 8 episodes of 42 minutes each the series covers eight completely diverse design disciplines: - illustration, footwear design, stage design, architecture, automotive design, graphic design, photography & interior design. As a product designer, each one of these programmes provided a valuable insight into other design disciplines. Product design can cover many different genres and the series highlights for me were the illustration work of Christoph Niemann, the architecture of Bjarke Ingels and the automotive design of Ralph Gilles.

As someone that once wanted to study Transport Design at Coventry University I ended up choosing Industrial Product Design despite being offered places on both courses. The episode which featured Ralph Gilles from FCA was a real treat for me. Ralph spoke about how his father had wanted him to be an engineer and all he wanted to do was draw. It struck a chord within me. I used to draw and draw, not being mathmatical I showed no interest in my father's profession - accountancy. I wanted to be an artist at heart - that was until I came across Product Design. As a profession, Product Design allows you to blend so many different design disciplines and that is why Abstract: The Art of Design peaked my interest.

It was so refreshing to see a documentry series of such high quality. It used to be the BBC or Channel 4 I'd expect to produce this kind of series but both of those media giants seem to have been sadly lacking in this kind of output recently. Well done to the team that put this series together: Scott Dadich, Morgan Neville & Dave O'Connor - I can't wait to see the next series. Well done to Netflix - 5 stars from me.