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So... you've have an idea for a product... what next?

So... you've have an idea for a product... what next?

So, that eureka moment comes along once in a while. You get a great idea for a new product but you struggle to do anything with it because you don't know what to do next. You have two choices: forget about it (and regret later) or do something about it. Some new product ideas will hit road blocks or obstacles along the way but how will you ever find out if you never begin that journey? Here's my advice on what to do next.

The value of Design to the UK economy

The value of Design to the UK economy

"It was refreshing to read through the Design Council report detailing the contribution of the design sector to the UK economy. The report was first published in October 2015 (see a link to it lower down) and in its 80 pages it contains some very encouraging statistics for those working in the multitude of disciplines that make up the UK design sector."

pure Li-fi reveals the first luminaire with integrated Li-fi

pure Li-fi reveals the first luminaire with integrated Li-fi

The beauty of pure LiFi, especially in the office context, is that the emitter (i.e. the light source) is already thought of as part of the infrastructure. Each downlight / troffer luminaire* could service up to 16 people from one source. (*Not in its current format - only when fitted with a pure LiFi broadcast & receiver).

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph have just launched the latest derivative of their enormously successful Modern Classics series. Anyone that has kept their eye on the reincarnated Triumph bikes will have become familiar with their Modern Classics range comprising the Bonneville T100, the Thruxton, the (new) Street Cup & the Scrambler. That family of retro inspired bikes has now been joined by the new Bonneville Bobber.

Triumph Modern Classics 2017

Since the brand was reborn under the visionary leadership of John Bloor Triumph has gone from strength to strength. Just as the USA was a big market for the original Triumphs of days gone by the new Triumphs are keen to be seen on distant shores. The new Bonneville Bobber is a smart piece of kit aimed at claiming another slice of the retro niche but doing it with a modern twist. With its water-cooled, fuel injected, high torque motor this twin cylinder Bobber is set to upset a few folk in Milwaukee and other parts of the USA where the indigenous Harley Davidson is king.

What might look like a retro bike on the surface is anything but beneath the skin. Triumph have achieved the look of a 'hard tail' bike but the rear of the frame is suspended by a neatly packaged shock absorber almost hidden from view. The deep-set single seat is another iconic piece of Bobber kit, no pillions to be found here, this kind of bike is all about your ride. The fat bodied exhaust pipes have been slashed short make plenty of noise & to give the authentic hot-rod growl you'd expect. However the engine is 'cleaner' thanks to a modern fuel injection system that has been cleverly disguised on all Bonneville derivatives since the Triumph Bonneville SE in 2009. The throttle is even fly by wire. All the new tech has been very sensitively packaged giving this new 'old' bike an air of authenticity. The details I could expand upon are just too numerous to mention for a short blog.

As you'd expect with a bike of this type the range of accessories is extensive (150) but the stock bike is just really very pretty straight off the production line. When I first saw the Triumph Street Triple I remember thinking to myself - one day.... (and yes, I did buy one). The Bonneville Bobber has the same appeal and its sure to be a successful addition to an already successful line up. There are no gaps in the Triumph range now. The Sports bikes, the Street bikes, the Touring bikes, the Adventure bikes, the Cruisers & the Modern Classics range of bikes now provide a bike to suit almost every type of (big bike) rider. Triumph has rightly stayed away from the small cc market where the competition from China, India & other Asian countries is fierce. Like BMW(motorcycles) the marketing and R&D teams at Triumph have understood the needs of their customers and produced machines aimed squarely at a discerning but lucrative market. A market thats full of buyers that want superb quality, latest technology and most importantly they have the means to pay for it.


Above: The rather lovely 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber  Below: The 81 year old Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Above: The rather lovely 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Below: The 81 year old Harley Davidson Knucklehead