Cable Cosy: outdoor electrical dry-boxes | 2018


The Cable Cosy was developed for a UK client looking to offer a product to compete with the leader in its field. Two sizes have been developed , the first to be manufactured being the larger of the two boxes. Using robust polypropylene polymer and closed-cell neoprene gaskets the Cable Cosy products allow temporary electrical hook-ups outdoors. That could be for your Christmas lighting for example, a temporary hook-up on a campsite, or just simply while your using electrical products in your garden.

The Cable Cosy products offer additional features over the market leading product. Cable Cosy can be fitted with a padlock to prevent unwanted tampering. Cable Cosy products can be secured onto soft ground using tent pegs & Cable Cosy products can also be temporarily wall mounted on key-hole slots to keep it off the ground. The large version will shortly be available on Amazon, watch this space for a link.