Linolite: Elite | 1997

The Elite shavolite was created as a concept during my industrial placement with Concord Lighting (1995-96). The brief set was to create a premium look and feel product for the long established Linolite brand that had become part of the (then) SLI portfolio. The Elite concept was presented in the form of sketch work and renders and put forward for development.

The Elite product was engineered (thanks to Peter Attfield & the design team), and tooled while I completed by final year at Coventry University. The product has proven to be popular due to its slim form, attentive detailing and use of chrome and brass finishes. Unlike previous shavolites the Elite did not utilise a pull cord but featured a push switch and the shaver socket was hidden behind a sliding door. The proportions are based on a grid system much like many of the Braun products by Dieter Rams.

Elite has endured a long production run. Although production has now moved overseas the product is still in manufacture over 20 years after its launch.

Linolite Elite Shavolite (1997)