Concord: Torus | 1998-2006

The Torus range began with two track-spots, the Torus 50 and the Torus 100 designed by Rob Stuart. Following on from what Rob started the Torus product family grew & grew to cover many different lamp types and accessories. The 'FX' range became a favourite of the museum & gallery curators allowing quick and easy change overs of colour filters, honeycomb filters, barn doors & snoots. Over an 8 year period I created track-spot & recessed versions of Torus 50FX, Torus AR-111, Torus 20FX, Torus 35FX, Torus 70FX, Torus 100FX, Torus Britespot 50, Torus Britespot 111 & eventually Torus 35FX CDM-T & Torus 70FX CDM-T

1998 saw the introduction of the Torus 35FX which was one of the first products on the market to feature the new 35W CDM-TC lamp. The Torus 35FX won the "Best Product for Retail" at the 1999 FX Magazine Interior Design Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. The 50W capsule lamp Torus 50FX followed in 2000 and won a prestigious Red Dot award in 2000.


Concord Torus 50FX Projector, Red Dot Award winner 2000

Concord Torus 35FX - Best Product for Retail, 1999

Concord Torus 35FX - Promotional Material

Concord Torus 100FX - the die cast aluminium cool-touch bezel with its interchangeable lenses & accessory holder made it a museum curators favourite.

From top left clockwise: Glare snoot | Rosco gel holder | colour glass filters | on-board dimming control | Torus Recessed AR-111 | Torus AR-111 track spot | Torus CDM-T Recessed | Torus 50FX Recessed

Torus in the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London (Photo credit: A.Ives)