Product Development Packages:

Throughout my product design career I have been involved in all the stages of product development from research to concept & through to full production.

To help my clients to understand how best to use my services I have created four different Product Development Packages.

Every clients needs are different so it would be best to discuss how to tailor a Product Development Package to your exact requirements.



Some clients will have a reasonably well rounded idea of what they are looking for, others perhaps less so. When necessary I am happy to assist with research to establish the market needs, the product positioning & competitor analysis in order to help create or complete the new product brief.

"Creating a clearly defined brief at the start of a project always determines the success of the end result."


Stage 2 - Concept

This is where it starts to really get interesting. Depending on the scope of the project (single item, or product family) it may require a number of weeks to develop sketch ideas to a standard ready for presentation to you, the client.

The duration can be agreed at the initial client meeting to ensure the project stays on time and in budget.

"By the end of Stage 2 work can be handed over to an in-house design team or pass through to Stage 3 for full detailing, prototyping & tooling."



By stage 3 the product(s) will begin to take much more definition. Solidworks 3D CAD will be used to model, check & validate the design of the components & refine the detailing of the appearance.

The end of Stage 3 can conclude with prototypes or a full CAD data / drawing pack allowing quotation, testing, customer clinics or component tooling to commence.

New for 2018: In-house 3D printing of prototypes in PLA, Nylon or ABS

"As well as providing a complete design service I am also happy to be involved in supplier selection and liaison."



As an additional service I can provide support to clients in the early stages of production.

Whether this be advice on production tooling & line set up or producing CAD designs for production nests, jigs and fixtures to aid cost effective assembly.

"The use of 3D printing to print jigs & fixtures now represents a quick and relatively cost effective means to get your production line running."


Every job should be executed to the satisfaction of the client to help create a partnership based on trust & long term cooperation.
— Andrew Ives